Experienced millworking Craftsmen All of our wood products are manufactured with exacting precision.

Browse our catalog of finely-crafted mouldings, flooring, and other woodworking components. If you donít see something specific youíre looking for, our custom shop will most likely be able to help. Contact us at (717) 694-9222 for more information.


Our wide range of solid wood trims offers our clients variety and quality. Trims provide the finishing touch to a home, often defining the style of the homeowner. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, HorstCraft Millworks has the quality wood trims for any residential or commercial building.


Solid wood flooring can add a dimension of style and durability to your home or office. The rich beauty of natural hardwood is carefully milled by the expert craftsman at HorstCraft Millworks to bring out the finest quality solid wood flooring.


If youíre in the furniture or wood turning industries, HorstCraft Millworks can partner with your company to assist you with fulfilling your component product demands. We have an unlimited line of products, including table tops, legs, solid wood planks, and many S4S products.